From GoPros mounted on hard hats to wearable body cameras, field personnel are now able to capture field conditions, progress, and record observations in ways never before possible.  

Smartvid.io is a cloud platform for managing, collaborating and analyzing this content so that it can be used productively for your business.

Smartvid.io Platform Benefits:

  • Turn your wearable into a reality capture device. Leverage the forward-facing camera and microphone to record field activities, conditions, and more.
  • Find field information easily and create an audit trail by automatically SmartTagging content to specific tags of your choosing, including locations (Room 201), observations (work not complete), part numbers (Tag 159A), and more.
  • Relieve IT burden of field video and photos from wearables by using an enterprise-grade cloud platform.

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What our customers are saying:

We've been tracking the ever-increasing amounts of photo and video content generated from our mobile devices, drone flights, and our work with wearables. We've wondered how we can not only manage it, but turn it from being a problem into an opportunity for better collaboration and communication. Not only does Smartvid.io solve our content management problems, it elevates the power of the content with new video-based collaboration and automated tagging. — Todd Wynne, Construction Technology Manager