Use Cases

drone Uses and Benefits

Improve Construction Safety with Machine Learning

Machine learning assists a human safety expert at the ENR 2016 Photo Competition to screen for and identify safety risks.

Our recent partnership with ENR applied machine learning to improve jobsite safety in the annual ENR photo competition. We trained our AI engine from 10 years of data from ENR and helped detect safety issues on constructions sites.

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Progress & Milestone tracking and communication

Quick and detailed progress tracking of photos and video for construction and capital projects. enables faster and more detailed progress tracking for construction and capital projects. Progress photos and videos are taken daily, weekly, and on an ad hoc basis to create a timeline of work completion for projects, which is often included in a progress report to the client. Additionally, "covered up" areas (i.e. behind walls, in ceiling) are 100% documented so that key questions can be answered later should a claim arise. 

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Existing condition documentation and inspection

Faster and more detailed capture and analysis to record existing conditions and/or field inspections. enables faster and more detailed capture and analysis for existing conditions and field inspections. Visual information is captured and indexed methodically so that critical documentation can be provided to the owner.

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Drone photo and video management

Share drone photos and videos in a branded interface. Use collaborative markup and tagging for easier discovery.'s platform supports ongoing drone usage across the enterprise for visual inspections in construction, capital projects and maintenance.   Drone pilots and teams can manage both photo and video drone data, collaboratively markup and tag content with domain experts within and outside the company's walls, analyze imagery using computer vision classifiers, and then share the results with the client in a branded interface. 

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Best practices and training management and sharing

Capture training videos from any device, tag them for easier search and post the videos securely to a shared environment.

Videos are great tools for training but are often difficult to record in the field, and then challenging to find and view. The content is handed over to owners and operators at the conclusion of a project but goes largely unwatched because it is difficult to access the relevant portions of interest. enables users to capture video information from any device, tag it for easier search and post the video securely to a shared environment.

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Photo & Video-based reality capture

Turn model objects into tags to look back in time and see how the virtual world connects with the physical world.

With’s SmartTag system, 2D spaces or 3D model objects can be turned into tags which can be mapped to collected photo and video content. This allows users to look back in time and see how the virtual world connects with the physical one.

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High volume of video and photo content
Cloud storage frees up company servers
Finding video and photo content takes time
Automatic SmartTagging of content for simple search
Review and document long videos
Easy search by Tags
Video collaboration without the use of markup and editing tools
Edit and share relevant content within the team and across projects
Keep video and photo files secured
Secure access for authorized users only