Photo & Video-based Reality Capture

With’s SmartTag system, 2D plan spaces or 3D model objects can be turned into tags which can be mapped to the collected photo and video content. This model allows users to look back in time to see how the virtual world connects with the physical one.

Suffolk construction cuts 2.3 months of person time in first 6 months of usage for progress tracking on hospital project.

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Finding content requires searching file names or combing through hundreds of photos
Click an object link in your 2D plan viewer or 3D BIM system to get access to the shared content
The same files must be placed in folders multiple times for linking
Use (multiple) tags on a file to create links, eliminating the need to recreate the same file for every folder
Adding new content means creating a new link
New content with Tag is automatically linked to plans and models


Reality Capture with
  • Faster access to “reality" from BIM
  • Simpler linking/updating processes
  • Visuals from the project are constantly updated and tied to the model objects