Existing Condition Documentation & Field Inspections

Smartvid.io enables faster and more detailed capture and analysis for existing conditions and field inspections of capital projects or improvements. Visual information is captured and indexed methodically so that critical documentation can be provided to the owner.

Suffolk construction cuts 2.3 months of person time in first 6 months of Smartvid.io usage for progress tracking on hospital project.

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Documenting conditions or conducting inspections is time consuming
Record videos and use your voice to detail specific locations and other key information
Downloading photos/videos from a camera or mobile phone to a hard drive is taxing
Upload photos and videos directly from a mobile phone into the Smartvid.io platform
Organizing photos/videos via naming convention is manual
The SmartTag engine listens to content and autotags for easier discovery
Finding content requires searching file names or combing through hundreds of photos
SmartTags relate to more than one file; no need to place a file in multiple folders
Sharing media with project teams is cumbersome
Share in the cloud via private, secure streaming


Field Inspections
  • Faster video & photo processing for generating inspection and existing conditions content
  • Simple video frame capture for documentation using the "Snapshot" feature
  • Improved security for delivery of visual information
  • Improved customer satisfaction with more professional information flow to the client
  • Transparency to how your field conditions have changed over time
  • Insurance policy for your projects against claims