Drone Photo and Video Management

Smartvid.io's platform supports ongoing drone usage across an enterprise for visual inspections in construction, capital projects and maintenance.   Drone pilots and teams can manage both photo and video drone data, collaboratively mark-up and tag content with domain experts within and outside the company's walls, analyze imagery using computer vision classifiers, and then share the results with the client in a branded interface. 

Suffolk construction cuts 2.3 months of person time in first 6 months of Smartvid.io usage for progress tracking on hospital project.

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Drone flight videos and photos shared via email and file systems
Create a secure project for your flight(s) to share with project team members
Creating comments and markup for video inspections is difficult
Add comments on video inspections directly for other team members to see
Organizing photos/videos via naming convention is manual
Tag specific flight and views with the SmartTag engine
Finding content requires searching file names or combing through hundreds of photos
Do voice annotation of drone flights to mark videos with timeline-specific tags
Sharing with project teams is cumbersome
Share in the cloud via private, secure streaming


Inspections with drones
  • Project-based organization of drone videos and photos creates a secure and simple environment for collaboration
  • On-video commenting for faster collaboration with team members
  • Project libraries for future search and usage with both team members and clients
  • Share relevant content easily via a branded portal