Customer Stiles Construction

Project Integration

Stiles Construction is a division of Stiles Corporation, a full-service development and construction firm based in South Florida. The Stiles team was looking for a better way to manage photo and video content when it discovered

Topics covered in this case study include:

  • Why Stiles considers a "must-have extension" of Procore. 
  • How Stiles is using speech and image recognition to analyze and organize all files synced from Procore and uploaded from other devices.
  • How Stiles solved its photo & video management problem without burdening project teams to learn "yet another system" 
  • How Stiles is now using narrated videos to track project milestones. 
  • How has enabled easy access to photo and video content for safety, operations, marketing and risk management teams.

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Photos and videos have traditionally been difficult to find, share and approve leading to many hours of wasted time. By integrating with Procore, we’ve centralized and standardized how we manage our digital media assets at both the project and company level. The benefits are saving time in search and approvals, lowering risk by improving access to critical imagery, and better external communication.— Kris Lengieza, Director of Virtual Design & Construction
Stiles Construction