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Customer Shawmut Design & Construction

Project Enterprise risk dashboards

Shawmut Design and Construction uses Procore’s construction management system for field data collection from project teams and safety personnel as well as ConstructSecure, which enables a trade management risk program. Many projects generate visual project data daily through OxBlue site cameras.

As part of Shawmut's "Caught Safe" initiative, the safety team manages observation-based metrics for risk indication as well as positive behaviors. Smartvid's AI engine, Vinnie, compliments the human-based observations with a third-party AI perspective to build dashboards that ranks projects by potential risk factors.

How did Vinnie analyze risk? Was Vinnie able to improve upon Shawmut's commitment to preventing risk by providing additional risk data and predicting issues before they happen?

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“I firmly believe we can prevent incidents by looking at photos alone - if you’re seeing a high rate of Vinnie observations for PPE or other issues that is like an independent auditor reviewing your jobs. Predicting incidents is the next phase, and we’re excited about the potential there, but even today the trend data we’re getting from Vinnie is helping us figure out where we need to focus our attention." —  Shaun Carvalho, Vice President, Safety
Shawmut Design & Construction