See Safety Observations in action at Suffolk Construction


    Safety Observations

    Our Safety Observations module makes it easy for everyone across the company to create risk-scored observations (both positive and risk-based) using our easy-to-use mobile app and web interface to move from a Behavioral-Based Safety (BBS) program to a Predictive-Based Safety (PBS) program.  This module can work on its own or integrated with your construction management system. 

    Logging Observations

    View list of observations by create date on mobile device

    View list of observations by create date on mobile device.

    View list of observations by create date on mobile device
    Desktop - list of observations by create date
    Desktop - list of observations extreme risk detail

    Logging Observations

    • Easy-to-use mobile and web applications make everyone a source for safety observations (and conversations)
    • Support for both positive and risk-based observations builds a balanced picture of project activity 
    • Risk-scored observations feed into role-based alerts to help prioritize and close field observations 
    • Module includes mobile iOS app, Google Play app, web-browser interface, data access via APIs and single-sign-on integration capabilities


    Dashboards, Alerts, & Analytics

    Report - Safety Observations

    Report showing Safety Observations.

    Report - Safety Observations
    Track key metrics on activity, safety & workflow
    Analyze outputs across projects or company-wide

    Dashboards, Alerts, & Analytics

    • An easy to understand risk score of Severity x Frequency translates into risk ratings that drive workflow and predictions
    • Workflow streamlines observation flow across safety and management teams
    • Alerts make sure no observations stay open for too long 
    • You can import existing observations (even photos) so that your old data is available for safety observation reporting and predictive analytics 


    More Safety Observation Module Features

    • Integration support for projects, users, trade partners and more means you don’t need to create “duplicate systems”
    • Our custom-built training program for end users, managers and executives ensures a common understanding of observations
    • Unlimited user pricing model supports the best practice of making everyone responsible for making observations, both positive and risk-based. Then create “leaderboards” to reward team members who are hitting and exceeding their observation targets!

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    Our integrations automatically sync your existing photos and videos from other platforms.