See how Shawmut uses AI to manage project risk at scale with Safety Monitoring


    Safety Monitoring

    Our Safety Monitoring module helps safety managers and executives identify up-to-date risk conditions and where to focus each week. Vinnie, the construction-trained AI, works like a “virtual safety manager”, automatically detecting safety hazards on jobsites. Dashboards and a safety risk assessment report are created to enable cross-project benchmarking for leading risk indicators, such as PPE, workers at height, ladders by type, slip trip and fall hazards and more.

    Analyze all jobsite imagery


    Overview of the Safety Monitoring module.

    Safety-Monitoring1A integrations

    Analyze all jobsite imagery

    • Project teams capture jobsite photos
    •’s mobile app and pre-built integrations make it fast and easy to pull them all together

    Vinnie detects safety risks

    • Vinnie can analyze images even on “visually noisy” jobsites
    • Vinnie “sees” every worker and site conditions like housekeeping and standing water
    • Vinnie observes missing PPE (like gloves or reflective vests) on workers

    Vinnie monitors images on "visually noisy" jobsites.

    In-app and on-demand reporting

    Safety Monitoring, monthly highlights

    Dashboard showing monthly highlights across projects.

    Safety Monitoring, monthly highlights
    Safety Monitoring, Slip and Trip
    Safety Monitoring, detailed metrics
    On-demand photo-centric reports for field safety
    Safety Monitoring, COVID-19 Trends

    In-app and on-demand reporting

    • Vinnie summarizes all observations into metrics and reports
    • Metrics are summarized to facilitate comparisons across projects
    • Project, region and company level reporting
    • Vinnie reports on PPE compliance