For safety managers

AI Starter Kit: Putting artificial intelligence into action to reduce safety risk


Why it matters:*

20% of American worker deaths are in the construction industry
of American worker deaths are in the construction industry.
1 in 10 construction workers are injured
1 in 10 workers are injured on the job every year.
job related deaths
Jobsite deaths have increased every year since 2007.

*According to data from the US OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)


Run safety reports

Run safety reports every week to review risk trends that Vinnie (the AI engine) has automatically detected

Identify top risks

Identify top risks requiring immediate attention for each project, highlight positive trends to reinforce the right behaviors

Eliminate identified risks

Eliminate identified risks by sharing specific photos with project teams to drive best practices and take corrective actions


Key Features:

  • Because integrates directly to the most common sources for jobsite photos, no field changes are required to implement’s Safety Monitoring solution
  • automatically calculates PPE compliance metrics and other safety performance benchmarks for every jobsite, every week
  • Our AI engine, Vinnie, is constantly learning to detect new categories of safety hazards as well as construction materials and site conditions
  • Today, Vinnie is expert at detecting workers and PPE as well as many other risks such as types of ladders, man lifts, cranes, housekeeping and more
  • Safety managers can easily review and share via text message any Vinnie’s observations direct from our mobile app