For risk executives

AI Starter Kit: Putting artificial intelligence into action to reduce safety risk


Why it matters:

4-6% project costs are spent on insurance
of project costs are spent on insurance.
1-1.5% typical job profit margin
Typical job profit margin.
36,000 average cost of single incident
Average cost of a single incident.*
*According to data from the US OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)


Improve visability

Improve visibility by aggregating photos and videos for every project in one centralized system

Run safety reports to spot cross project safety trends

Run safety reports to spot cross-project safety trends, identify problem areas, and highlight successes

Reduce risk by highlighting problem areas

Reduce risk by highlighting problem areas + close the loop by sending AI-flagged photos to project teams


Key Features:

  • Pre-built integrations to Procore, Autodesk and other systems make it easy to implement enterprise-wide
  • automatically calculates PPE compliance metrics and other safety performance benchmarks for every jobsite, every week
  • archives all project photos creating a permanent company record for completed projects
  • Easily retrieve visual documentation for any project to more favorably resolve disputes and claims