For project teams

Why it matters:

Field workers capturing pictures and videos
Every week, field workers take millions of pictures & videos on jobsites worldwide.
50 GB of jobsite data is generated
of jobsite data is generated on the average project.
Disorganized photos in different systems
Most of it ends up scattered across systems & devices, unorganized, and hard to find.


  • Not enough time to spend on every project
  • Documentation disorganized and scattered across different systems and colleagues' computers, phones, and inboxes
  • Inefficient communication with team members and project owners
Field Superintendent


Solutions for project teams
  • Projects collect field workers' photos and narrated videos. Sean defines a “watchlist” for progress milestones and keywords to be identified in project photos and video narrations.
  •' automatically places picture tags on pictures, and audio tags on videos for defined keywords, like ROOM 204, WEST CORNER, ROUGH-IN COMPLETE .
  • Search across projects for relevant tags to see already-curated photos and videos and mark any progress updates, issues or risks. You can also share a link to search results with any internal or external colleagues!

Projects collect field workers' uploaded videos and auto-synced Procore photos. automatically tags files showing PEOPLE, HARDHATS, LADDERS, and other things relevant to safety.

Marc searches across projects for relevant tags to review already-curated photos and videos and mark any potential risks.

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