photos and video from mobile devices
wearables photo and video management
photo and video management from UAVs

A cloud-based platform that helps you manage, collaborate and analyze your industrial videos and photos.

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Industrial Media Management 

gather photo and video content from multiple sources


Capture all field user videos and photos from mobile devices, wearables and drones. You can also use existing materials such as training videos, webinars and other files.

Organize photo and video content


Create tags manually or automatically with our SmartTag™ engine and categorize images and video based on any criteria. Tag dictionaries are managed at the project level and can be imported from external sources.

share photos and video with teams for tagging and collaboration


Manage your project documentation across the enterprise in one platform. Easily collaborate between field teams, management and key stakeholders on projects, files, and even specific tags.

easily search and find video and photo content


Instead of hunting through thousands of images, use tags to find and display critical photo and video documentation instantly. Create timelines of specific content so you can see how specific tagged content has changed over time.