Reduce risk on your projects by harnessing the power of AI

One single “source of truth”

One single “source of truth”

  • Set up integrations with apps already in use on your jobsites like Autodesk BIM 360 or Procore
  • Pull photos from site cameras like OxBlue
  • Use the mobile app to take new pictures in the field - and automatically sync to the cloud!


Upload computer files

Upload computer files & folders with one click or drag


Use iPhone app

Use our iPhone app or your mobile browser on the go


Set up automatic integration

Set up an automatic integration - no need to upload twice!

Artificial intelligence meets AEC

AI meets AEC

  • AI-powered speech & image recognition tailored to the needs of the AEC industry
  • Instantly find up to 40+ visual objects, including key indicators of risk
  • Customize a list of words, phrases or acronyms to “listen” for in narrated videos or photos with audio captions

Automatic tags

Automatic tags for English words and thousands of visual objects

See and flag indicators of risk

See & flag specific indicators of risk (ladder usage)

 Organize SmartTags

Use tags to automatically organize your images

Monitor and take action

Monitor and take action

  • Run safety reports to see trends, find problem areas and promote a positive safety culture
  • Review & share images flagged by our AI with project teams
  • Reduce incident rates and improve safety performance

Permission levels for access

Choose from a range of permission levels to give access

Mark up files easily

Easily mark up files

 Share with your team

Leave comments to share with your team