Procore integration

Powerful, automatic photo & video management for Procore Procore integration

What it does:

  • Enables image and voice search for photos and videos (just like "Google"!)
  • Brings all users’ project photos and videos together in one place automatically synced to Procore Albums
  • Creates albums in Procore automatically (by week or other criteria)
  • Automatically creates photo descriptions in Procore from image and voice tags   

Using AI to predict and prevent construction incidents

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Safety teams are spread too thin to be proactive on all sites.
Automatically tag photos showing people, hardhats, ladders and gloves and flag as potential risks.
Disorganized and scattered documentation across systems and devices.
Photo and video content is stored in one location automatically. Search for defined keywords across all projects and share with colleagues.
Use of several different systems and applications across projects leads to an administrative headache.
One system, powered by built-in machine learning analytics, that integrates directly to Procore.
Marketing teams have limited access to project photos to use in bids, proposals and marketing campaigns.
Online access to photos and videos for active and completed projects where marketers can search for images and share with colleagues.