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    Artificial Intelligence on construction sites isn’t taking jobs — it’s saving lives

    Constructible, 7/18/19

    It’s no secret that working on a construction site is among the most dangerous jobs out there. Even with advanced protective gear, significant regulation in place, and the best of intentions by all involved, the construction industry routinely records five times as many fatal accidents as any other industry in the U.S.

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    Algorithms and artificial intelligence can make construction more efficient

    Risk & Insurance, 8/20/2019

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive risk management will be high on the agenda when the International Risk Management Institute holds its 39th Construction Risk Conference November 10–13, 2019, at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. In particular one session will specifically address AI, predictive analytics, and the transparent job site.

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    10 Types of Construction Technology That Will Shape the Industry in 2019

    GroundBreak Carolinas, 7/24/2019

    Construction technology is an increasingly important aspect of the future of construction. With the skilled labor shortage, stagnant productivity, and safety issues that plague the industry, it’s hard to stay ahead of these issues. Construction companies, universities, and technology companies are working hard to find solutions to these problems.

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    How can new technologies make construction safer?

    The Architect's Newspaper, 7/3/2019

    Construction remains one of the most dangerous careers in the United States. To stop accidents before they happen, construction companies are turning to emerging technologies to improve workplace safety—from virtual reality, drone photography, IoT-connected tools, and machine learning. That said, some solutions come with the looming specter of workplace surveillance in the name of safety, with all of the Black Mirror-esque possibilities.

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    For Construction Pros, 6/18/2019

    Capture, track and inspect the construction site with the mobile app, a companion to the platform. The app and its artificial intelligence engine “Vinnie” is designed to help improve construction safety. captures narrated photos and videos to document field observations. It leverages its AI engine to gauge risks and detect hazards. It also lets contractors conduct inspections of the jobsite at anytime.

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    Construction Technology Trends: Best of Breed Apps

    Raken, 5/28/2019

    From the dawn of time (or at least whenever marketing was invented), there have been products out there claiming to be the cure-all, silver bullet solution. They offer answers to all problems, and when advertised, you see phrases like, "never buy another in your life!" or "the last product you will ever need!" but in reality, the majority of these all-in-one solutions will likely give a weak amount of assistance to a variety of issues. For the construction industry, all-in-one software is everywhere you look. The big names in construction tech all offer an all-inclusive solution, and most contractors have tried at least one of them. The issue is, once purchased these all-in-one solutions rarely deliver on their lofty claims. You bought a miracle cure, and ended up getting a decent swig of something that, while it doesn't necessarily hurt, doesn't come close to curing all those diseases listed on the bottle.

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    Tech an increased focus of ENR Top 400 firms

    Construction Dive, 5/29/2019

    Many of the leading firms on the newly released ENR Top 400 Contractors list are using construction technology to make workers safer and more productive. 

    For instance, several of the largest constructors in the country are employing artificial intelligence tool, which uses jobsite photos, videos and other sources to identify and label risks such as standing water or missing personal protective equipment like hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and more. The nature of machine learning means that the more data is fed into the tool, the more the algorithm, dubbed “Vinnie,” can advance in its accuracy.

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    ENR 2019 Top 400 Contractors: The market keeps growing

    ENR, 5/23/2019

    The construction market has been growing steadily for nearly 10 years, with no signs of stopping. Industry veterans know the market can’t sustain this pace forever, but they are focused on the opportunities in front of them.

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    How computer vision is changing insurance

    Digital Insurance, 5/22/2019

    The National Association of Insurance Commissioners recently created the Innovation and Technology Task Force to “explore the technological developments in the insurance sector.” It cited the rise of artificial intelligence as one of the key issues that the task force would address, citing the technology’s “potential to transform the insurance industry in a number of ways.” The message is being received loud and clear: adapt or be left behind.

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    Where safety innovation fits in the heads-down construction environment

    Construction Dive, 5/20/2019

    In the construction industry, the most threatening risks are the ones that go undetected for too long — design flaws that are spotted well into construction, bad habits that could get a craft worker hurt or a hazard that escapes a manager's attention.

    Underlying most contractors’ safety programs is a group effort at vigilance on site to make sure workers are operating safely and are alerted to dangers before an incident takes place. Technology can add another layer to this effort by facilitating safety-related reporting and conversations or by detecting hazards in real time across multiple areas of the site, compared to a superintendent or safety manager who can only see what is before him.

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