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    How Data is Helping Contractors Survive the Coronavirus

    ENR, 8/26/2020

    Construction companies are facing exceptional levels of uncertainty. With the novel coronavirus still spreading, varying levels of economic restrictions in place, and with national elections weeks away, contractors are desperate for signs of how demand for projects will vary by region and type of structure. Equally important are the prospects for supply-chain disruptions, materials prices, and availability of employees, subcontractors and government workers needed to approve projects.

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    How these tech companies are helping keep construction workers safe during COVID-19

    Procore Jobsite, 8/17/2020

    The world is still in the early days of the “new normal” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    In order to keep workers and customers safe, the construction industry like many other businesses, has had to adapt rapidly. It is changing processes to ensure workers and jobsites remain safe. To that end, some safety-focused companies repurposed their existing technology, while others discovered new uses for the work they had already been doing.

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    Shawmut develops technology-based COVID-19 safety platform

    New York Real Estate Journal, 8/04/2020

    New York, NY Shawmut Design and Construction has developed a COVID-19 safety plan, created in partnership with trade unions, industry peer groups, and other leading firms. The firm has rolled out safety protocols, new job-site innovation, and a COVID-19 risk assessment and response plan to all project sites across the country, ensuring the safety of all employees and team members.

    Topics: News Coverage selected as top provider on the BuiltWorlds 2020 Smart Jobsite 50 List

    BuiltWorlds, 7/29/2020

    The construction jobsite is an ever-changing, dynamic, and, at times, dangerous, work environment – but the construction technology players are stepping up to answer the call. On the heels of Day 3 of the 2020 Project Delivery Conference, where we dove into the processes and technology that leading industry players are leveraging to make their jobsites “smarter,” we’re highlighting the many different providers that are making it safer, controlled, and more efficient.

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    How construction firms can return to work safely

    Autodesk Construction Cloud, 7/20/2020

    These uncertain times make us want to seek comfort. At home, we can easily turn to small comforts that make us feel safe like our families, pets, or in my case, my favorite snack — buffalo wing flavored Cheese-its. Food may give us comfort at home, but how about at work?

    Topics: News Coverage uses AI to measure COVID-19 safety compliance on jobsites throughout the country

    Construction Junkie, 7/6/2020

    Most construction sites are back up and running now amid the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, but that has led to an increase in responsibilities for employers to protect their employees. Chief among those additional responsibilities is the enforcement of face coverings and social distancing in order to help slow the spread of the virus.  Constantly monitoring compliance of these can be a tall task, but is using their AI platform to do all of the work for you.

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    Smart AI-powered cameras that can tell how close you are to other people may be the answer to maintaining social distancing as the US reopens

    Business Insider, 6/19/2020

    As businesses across the United States have gradually begun to reopen, a growing number of companies are investing in camera technology powered by artificial intelligence to help enforce social distancing measures when people may be standing too closely together.

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    Oracle lab helps social distancing

    ConstructionEquipment, 6/17/2020

    Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Oracle was already focused on how to build buildings remotely. But as the coronavirus has spread, the tools on hand at the Chicago-area co. have helped global businesses outside of construction and inside coronavirus hotspots keep safe.

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    Their goal: Making you feel safe again

    The Boston Globe, 6/2/2020

    What will it take to feel safe from the coronavirus at a bustling workplace like a construction site? Or in a music venue or theme park?

    Boston-area companies are rolling out new products this month aimed at monitoring things such as mask wearing and elevated body temperature as a way to supply that feeling of security. But at the moment, the goal is increasing your confidence that you’re not mingling with a mob of unmasked, undiagnosed COVID-19 sufferers, as opposed to offering assurance that you’re at zero risk of catching the disease.

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    AXA XL unveils digital construction resource platform for contractors

    Insurance Business, 5/28/2020

    The North America construction business of AXA XL will launch a new integrated digital platform for the company’s contractor clients.

    The new “Construction Ecosystem” platform leverages technologies to help contractors monitor and aggregate data, providing them with insights and benchmarks to allow contractors to better manage risks on their jobsites and across their organizations.

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