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3 Construction Safety Products You Need to Know About

Connect & Construct, 2/1/2019

In 1919, a man by the name of Edward Bullard invented a construction safety product that would become the ultimate symbol of the industry: The hard hat.

Inspired by helmets he’d worn as a soldier in World War I, he manufactured it from boiled canvas, glue, and black paint and called it the “hard-boiled hat.” It was designed to protect workers from falling objects, and it was so effective it eventually became industry-standard.

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Innovative technology showcased at the Lloyd's Register Safety Accelerator

Lloyd's Register, 12/20/2018

Startups in areas such as AI, computer vision and behavior recognition were the winners in the second round of the Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator’s ‘SafetyTech Innovation Day’.

The day gave 11 startup finalists the chance to pitch their cutting-edge solutions to some of the most urgent safety challenges within the marine, energy and critical infrastructure industries.

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The ConApp Guru speaks: How to solve old construction safety problems

Connect & Construct, 12/14/2018

Rob McKinney knows construction technology. As the ConApp Guru for JBKnowledge, a construction technology consulting firm, McKinney spends most of his time helping construction companies unlock their potential and increase construction safety by showing them what’s possible with technology.

"I like seeing the light bulbs go off," he says, "When you get in and show them what they can do, how much they can accomplish."

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The 7 KPIs of construction, and how technology can measure them

Construction Dive, 11/14/2018

Hard numbers and facts are often what precipitate and drive change. Shakers in the construction industry, for example, know well the 2017 McKinsey study that blames a $1.6 trillion gap in potential earnings mainly on the industry’s reluctance to adopt new technology that could help bridge that.

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Smart Construction Technology: How Machine Learning Predicts and Prevents Construction Safety Incidents

Connect & Construct, 11/9/2018

Technology is changing everything about the way we build. From 3D modeling software to UAVs to VR technology, the benefit of new construction technology on the worksite is increasingly undeniable. Time saved, a reduction in waste, and an increase in quality--the rising tide of innovative technology really is lifting all boats. With construction safety being a major concern across all facets of the industry, it only makes sense that new technology can create opportunities for improvement.

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AECOM Elevates Project Management with AI Capture Initiative

AECOM, October 2018

Decisions in construction are historically based on subjective experiences instead of hard data. However, as the industry increasingly adapts to new technologies that drive productivity, boost safety, identify and address problems, automate low-level tasks and compile fact-based best practices this precedent is beginning to shift. But, only when this information is turned into actionable insights. Managing the data AEC professionals generate over the course of a construction project is a monumental task – a task that is becoming increasingly insurmountable as drones, robots, smart tags and intelligent devices communicating via the Internet of Things (IoT) add to the deluge.

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Women in Construction: Tatjana Dzambazova, AI strategist, Autodesk, 9/11/2018

Autodesk University Middle East 2018 was held in Dubai earlier this year under the theme of ‘The Future of Making Things’. The two-day event served as a business networking platform, shared technical knowledge, discussed cross-industry opportunities and sought to offer solutions to unique business challenges.

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5 Ways New Technology in the Construction Industry Can Optimize Your Workforce

Software Advice, 9/7/2018

Introducing new technology into a construction business is intimidating. It can so fundamentally alter day-to-day processes that the upheaval is just too much for some small and midsize businesses (SMBs)—so they don’t do it.

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What Is Prop Tech? And What Does It Mean For B2B and 'The Smart Cities of Tomorrow'

Geomarketing, 9/7/2018

By 2050, it's forecasted that 68 percent of all human population will be living in urban areas, representing an increase of 2.5 billion people and over 50 percent growth. Advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, robotics and consumer apps are poised to dramatically alter the real estate technology landscape to help meet the challenges posed by these massive, new cities, writes Revel Partners' Thomas Falk.

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Connected Job Site 50 List 2018

BuiltWorlds, 8/27/2018

We are excited to present to you the 2018 Connected Job Site 50 List, the easiest way to understand the companies changing the future of job sites through IoT-enabled, data collecting products and systems. Read on to see who made the list.

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