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Technology jumpstarts lean construction practices

BuiltWorlds, 3/29/2019

The most important elements of any construction project are time, cost and quality. Often, one of those three will get deprioritized or outright dismissed by way of stakeholder priorities. If a project needs to be done quickly and with high quality, it won’t be cheap; if it needs to be done on a limited budget and finish fast, its quality will suffer. Lean construction is an approach that aims to optimize these necessary trade-offs while reducing the time, effort, materials and money that are necessary for projects. In simpler terms, lean construction aims to maximize customer value while minimizing resource waste.

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Execs: To ignite innovation, empower tech champions

Construction Dive, 3/27/2019

The construction software marketplace is teeming with 2,000-plus vendors claiming to save contractors time and money. Finding a reliable solution that fully addresses a particular business challenge can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but contractors can better steer their investment by tapping into the talent base that understands that challenge deeply, living it out on a daily basis.

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5 major construction technology trends to watch in 2019

Connect & Construct, 2/15/2019

As firms all over the world push to find new ways to compete in 2019, innovation in construction technology is proving to be one of the most important ways to do it. The leading edge seems to move at light speed and it can be hard to keep track of innovations as the next big thing overshadows the impact of tools we’ve only just begun to explore.

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Top contractors partner with AI firm to prevent jobsite accidents before they happen

Construction Dive, 3/13/2019

Dive Brief:

  • Following up on a study in which’s artificial intelligence engine “Vinnie” learned from contractor Suffolk's data to predict roughly one in five safety incidents with 81% accuracy, nine major construction firms are partnering with the software company to further develop predictive analytics and therefore prevent incidents and reduce risk across the industry, according to a Smartvid announcement from CEO and Founder Josh Kanner.

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Firms form data sharing council to advance predictive analytics

ENR, 3/6/2019

A case study by Suffolk Construction and image-analysis firm shows how machine-learning algorithms can improve safety and reduce risk has spurred the creation of the Predictive Analytics Strategic Council, an initiative by 10 major construction companies to share project data for A.I.-driven analysis. 

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Autodesk opens up machine learning advisory tool to BIM 360 user base

ENR, 2/26/2019

While it has made great strides in getting contractors and other members of project teams to load information into its BIM 360 program, Autodesk has acknowledged that its sometimes hard to get actionable information out of these systems. Dense documentation can provide some insights when pored over at a later date, but knowing what problems need addressing at the morning meeting based on yesterday’s open issues list can be a daunting task.

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3 construction safety products you need to know about

Connect & Construct, 2/1/2019

In 1919, a man by the name of Edward Bullard invented a construction safety product that would become the ultimate symbol of the industry: The hard hat.

Inspired by helmets he’d worn as a soldier in World War I, he manufactured it from boiled canvas, glue, and black paint and called it the “hard-boiled hat.” It was designed to protect workers from falling objects, and it was so effective it eventually became industry-standard.

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Innovative technology showcased at the Lloyd's Register Safety Accelerator

Lloyd's Register, 12/20/2018

Startups in areas such as AI, computer vision and behavior recognition were the winners in the second round of the Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator’s ‘SafetyTech Innovation Day’.

The day gave 11 startup finalists the chance to pitch their cutting-edge solutions to some of the most urgent safety challenges within the marine, energy and critical infrastructure industries.

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The ConApp Guru speaks: How to solve old construction safety problems

Connect & Construct, 12/14/2018

Rob McKinney knows construction technology. As the ConApp Guru for JBKnowledge, a construction technology consulting firm, McKinney spends most of his time helping construction companies unlock their potential and increase construction safety by showing them what’s possible with technology.

"I like seeing the light bulbs go off," he says, "When you get in and show them what they can do, how much they can accomplish."

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The 7 KPIs of construction, and how technology can measure them

Construction Dive, 11/14/2018

Hard numbers and facts are often what precipitate and drive change. Shakers in the construction industry, for example, know well the 2017 McKinsey study that blames a $1.6 trillion gap in potential earnings mainly on the industry’s reluctance to adopt new technology that could help bridge that.

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