How Oracle’s Innovation Lab could help you keep your social distance

    Built in Chicago, 5/21/2020

    Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Oracle was already focused on how to build buildings remotely. But as the coronavirus has spread, the tools on hand at the Chicago-area company have helped global businesses outside of construction and inside coronavirus hotspots keep safe.

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    Innovation in a time of crisis: How construction is responding to COVID-19

    Construction Executive, 5/6/2020

    A recent survey published by EY found that only 28% of construction and engineering companies have a successful digital strategy. This does not come as a surprise as the construction industry has historically been slow to adopt new technologies. COVID-19 has changed that. 

    The carpet has been pulled out from under many as the standard mode of operations is no longer feasible. It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention and as COVID-19 continues to disrupt construction, companies have continued to prove their resiliency through onsite and offsite innovation and quick adaptation to change.

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    Shawmut announces new technology-aided safety protocols in response to COVID-19

    Shawmut, 5/5/2020

    Shawmut has developed a robust COVID-19 safety plan, created in partnership with trade unions, industry peer groups, and other leading firms, to minimize coronavirus exposure and risk across all jobsites. The firm has rolled out safety protocols, new job-site innovation, and an exhaustive COVID-19 risk assessment and response plan to all project sites across the country, ensuring the safety of all employees and team members.

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    The cubicle is back. Blame (or thank) the Coronavirus

    WIRED, 4/30/2020

    The cubicle is making a comeback.

    As thousands of companies contemplate restarting operations, executives are weighing how best to reconfigure workspaces that have, by and large, been designed to minimize cost and foster the face-to-face interactions that can spread the deadly coronavirus.

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    COVID-19 requires changes to keep construction personnel safe

    ASCE News, 4/29/2020

    Keeping construction personnel safe on-site during the COVID-19 pandemic is serious business. From safety guidelines to make transmission of the virus less likely to technology that enables heightened remote monitoring and site review, companies are working to ensure that construction sites remain safe as work continues or shuts down.

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    Temperature checks, social distancing new reality in construction

    Business Insurance, 4/29/2020

    As parts of the country re-open after closing up for nearly six weeks because of coronavirus, construction is also ramping up. But for workers, daily life on the job site will look significantly different for the foreseeable future, experts say.

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    Bringing innovation to construction sites during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Oracle Construction and Engineering Blog, 4/28/2020

    Since late 2019, our Oracle Industries Innovation Lab, a simulated worksite for testing and exploring cutting-edge technologies, has also been an actual construction worksite, full of equipment, materials, and teams working to deliver a planned expansion of the facility.

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    Companies bet on AI cameras to track social distancing, limit liability

    Reuters, 4/27/2020

    Stores and workplaces eager to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus are equipping existing security cameras with artificial intelligence software that can track compliance with health guidelines including social distancing and mask-wearing.

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    Computer vision could help enforce social distancing in the workplace

    WSJ Pro - Artificial Intelligence, 4/24/2020

    Companies preparing for the easing of coronavirus lockdowns have an arsenal of new artificial-intelligence tools that can help implement and enforce social distancing and other safety measures in the workplace.

    The number of new Covid-19 cases continues to increase in the U.S.; a vaccine and therapies are far from ready; and widespread testing remains elusive. That means behavioral safeguards are crucial as a handful of states lay the foundations for opening their economies.

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    Software companies develop tech safety nets to measure social distancing

    Construction Dive, 4/22/2020

    Construction remains essential in many states, meaning work on jobsites can continue. But CDC guidelines and local governments emphasize the importance of maintaining proper health procedures such as regularly washing hands and maintaining a safe social distance even while working.

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