Sponsors the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit East

    EWTS East, June 16-17, 2016, Atlanta, GA

    EWTS East Summit is sponsoring BrainXchange's 2016 Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit East, taking place June 16-17 at the W Hotel in Atlanta. The Summit will include a session featuring Rogers-O'Brien Construction, a customer. 

    Todd Wynne, Construction Technology Manager, Rogers-O'Brien Construction, will discuss during the Group Discussion: Hardware: Human-Centered Design and Ergomonic Factors. 

    The Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit East is the leading event focused entirely on the use of wearable technology in business and industry.  Consisting of real-world case studies and best-practice user examples, EWTS East is the best opportunity to hear and learn from those organizations and specialists currently utilizing this new wave of technology.

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