Sights on Safety: StructionSite +

    StructionSite, 5/9/2019


    As an industry that focuses on the health and wellbeing of its employee’s, laborers, tradesmen and women, this week brings to light the areas where we can all work together to form a better, safer working environment.

    To commemorate Safety Week 2019, we are honored to announce our partnership with We’ve been working together to create integrations to make dual use of photos taken by StructionSite, pushed into to streamline monitoring risk and jobsite incidents. Through these efforts, project teams can take the same set of images they used to capture progress with StructionSite and pull them into, creating a streamlined way to monitor areas of risk. One walk in the field now results in photo and video data that serves two purposes – progress documentation and AI-powered safety analysis!

    In collaborating with, we are providing a workflow that allows both software platforms a way to help project teams mitigate risk and monitor safety, doubling the value users get from the same data set. Through the use of artificial intelligence, reduces risk on your projects by tagging outlying issues on your job site that could be considered a safety hazard.

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