IoT system helps contractors keep their distance on the jobsite

    Building Design + Construction, 4/19/2020

    Building Design + Construction

    Many contractors are asking themselves how social distancing can be executed practically on jobsites so their workers can operate safely. As expected, products are starting to emerge that address these concerns.

    For example,, according to industry news reports, has paired computer vision with its artificial intelligence interface, known as Vinnie, to identify workers who might be working too closely to each other or in packs larger than 10, which would violate OSHA’s social distancing guidelines. 

    Triax Technologies, which specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) worksite platforms, has launched Proximity TraceTM, an IoT system that provides social distancing alerts and contact tracing—identifying workers with whom confirmed COVID-19 cases came into contact over a period of time—through a wearable device.

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