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    Utterly Biased, 4/7/2017

    Utterly Biased

    Ash Egan, Principal at Converge Venture Partners, couldn’t pick just one company in his firm’s portfolio that isn’t getting the attention that it should, he mentioned three: Nift, RocketVisor, and

    RocketVisor seems like a company out of the Drift/InsightSquared mold that could become an integral service to a specific niche of the business world. In RocketVisor’s case, it has a chance to evolve the sales process by integrating machine learning capabilities.

    But there is something truly intriguing about Mainly, the company is looking to make headway in the very underserved construction technology space. combines photo and video with machine learning to assess for “industrial-grade problems” to do everything from making sure a worksite is safe to evaluating the progress of a project.

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