Smart AI-powered cameras that can tell how close you are to other people may be the answer to maintaining social distancing as the US reopens

    Business Insider, 6/19/2020

    As businesses across the United States have gradually begun to reopen, a growing number of companies are investing in camera technology powered by artificial intelligence to help enforce social distancing measures when people may be standing too closely together.

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    Oracle lab helps social distancing

    ConstructionEquipment, 6/17/2020

    Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Oracle was already focused on how to build buildings remotely. But as the coronavirus has spread, the tools on hand at the Chicago-area co. have helped global businesses outside of construction and inside coronavirus hotspots keep safe.

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    Their goal: Making you feel safe again

    The Boston Globe, 6/2/2020

    What will it take to feel safe from the coronavirus at a bustling workplace like a construction site? Or in a music venue or theme park?

    Boston-area companies are rolling out new products this month aimed at monitoring things such as mask wearing and elevated body temperature as a way to supply that feeling of security. But at the moment, the goal is increasing your confidence that you’re not mingling with a mob of unmasked, undiagnosed COVID-19 sufferers, as opposed to offering assurance that you’re at zero risk of catching the disease.

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