The cubicle is back. Blame (or thank) the Coronavirus

    WIRED, 4/30/2020

    The cubicle is making a comeback.

    As thousands of companies contemplate restarting operations, executives are weighing how best to reconfigure workspaces that have, by and large, been designed to minimize cost and foster the face-to-face interactions that can spread the deadly coronavirus.

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    COVID-19 requires changes to keep construction personnel safe

    ASCE News, 4/29/2020

    Keeping construction personnel safe on-site during the COVID-19 pandemic is serious business. From safety guidelines to make transmission of the virus less likely to technology that enables heightened remote monitoring and site review, companies are working to ensure that construction sites remain safe as work continues or shuts down.

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    Temperature checks, social distancing new reality in construction

    Business Insurance, 4/29/2020

    As parts of the country re-open after closing up for nearly six weeks because of coronavirus, construction is also ramping up. But for workers, daily life on the job site will look significantly different for the foreseeable future, experts say.

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    Bringing innovation to construction sites during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Oracle Construction and Engineering Blog, 4/28/2020

    Since late 2019, our Oracle Industries Innovation Lab, a simulated worksite for testing and exploring cutting-edge technologies, has also been an actual construction worksite, full of equipment, materials, and teams working to deliver a planned expansion of the facility.

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    Companies bet on AI cameras to track social distancing, limit liability

    Reuters, 4/27/2020

    Stores and workplaces eager to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus are equipping existing security cameras with artificial intelligence software that can track compliance with health guidelines including social distancing and mask-wearing.

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    Computer vision could help enforce social distancing in the workplace

    WSJ Pro - Artificial Intelligence, 4/24/2020

    Companies preparing for the easing of coronavirus lockdowns have an arsenal of new artificial-intelligence tools that can help implement and enforce social distancing and other safety measures in the workplace.

    The number of new Covid-19 cases continues to increase in the U.S.; a vaccine and therapies are far from ready; and widespread testing remains elusive. That means behavioral safeguards are crucial as a handful of states lay the foundations for opening their economies.

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    Software companies develop tech safety nets to measure social distancing

    Construction Dive, 4/22/2020

    Construction remains essential in many states, meaning work on jobsites can continue. But CDC guidelines and local governments emphasize the importance of maintaining proper health procedures such as regularly washing hands and maintaining a safe social distance even while working.

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    Artificial intelligence, predictive modeling, and risk management, 4/20/2020

    Last month, I wrote about crisis management and the need to peer into the future. That ability, to make some rather educated guesses about what the future might hold, has been enhanced over the last decade by the growth in artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive modeling.

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    IoT system helps contractors keep their distance on the jobsite

    Building Design + Construction, 4/19/2020

    Many contractors are asking themselves how social distancing can be executed practically on jobsites so their workers can operate safely. As expected, products are starting to emerge that address these concerns.

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    How predictive data and culture boost jobsite safety

    CONEXPO-CON/AGG, 4/15/2020

    Like most safety managers, Lance Murray tracks lagging indicators at Denver-based Mark Young Construction. But he finds limited use for data on incidents, injuries, and days away from work. “They’re really just identifiers of failure,” he says.  Instead he prefers to focus on building a safety culture and tracking leading indicators, which he says are far more effective.

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    Industry finds new innovations to stay ahead of COVID-19

    ENR, 4/15/2020

    The way construction work gets done is rapidly evolving to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. From maintaining social distancing on jobsites to retooling existing manufacturing to meeting new demand for hospitals and sanitation, the industry is having to get more inventive at all levels. But quick turnarounds on new facilities and a surprising willingness to upend jobsite cultures is offering bright spots in an otherwise grim picture. 

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    AI developed to monitor social distancing on construction sites

    The Architect's Newspaper, 4/15/2020

    With most Americans complying with nationwide stay-at-home orders enacted to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, a handful of states have nonetheless permitted construction sites to continue operations on “essential” projects. Site safety inspectors have therefore been left with the difficult task of ensuring that the workers they oversee are practicing all safety protocols as advised by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), that include maintaining a distance of six feet apart from one another, wearing face coverings over their noses and mouths during work hours, and minimizing interactions when picking up or delivering equipment or materials.

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    Computer vision deployed to monitor social distancing on jobsites

    ENR, 4/3/2020

    Working on a construction site during a viral pandemic can be a harrowing experience, given the close quarters that workers often find themselves in. General rules about social distancing easy to maintain on sidewalks can be more stressful when clambering around a crowded active jobsite.

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    AI app debuted to track jobsite social distancing practices

    Construction Dive, 4/1/2020

    Dive Brief:

    • Construction safety software provider is releasing on April 6 a new application for Vinnie, the company’s AI interface, that will be able to determine when workers on construction jobsites have not been practicing social distancing.

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