The future of construction will be changed by technology

    Real Estate Weekly, 11/13/19

    Every year, top government officials, investors, and business leaders around the world gather in New York for Real Estate Tech Week. The conference aims to highlight the increased role technology is playing in building our cities.

    The emergence of new technology is laying the foundation for what the future of construction could look like.

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    Construction Junkie, 11/12/19

    The construction industry is just waking to the realization that with the adoption of mobile devices, BIM and other new technologies, the amount of data being generated by projects has grown exponentially. This data comes in a variety of sources from images to schedules to models and more - most of which is locked inside the system in which it was created. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging way to bring additional value from this data and allow for better decision making on projects.

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