10 Types of Construction Technology That Will Shape the Industry in 2019

    GroundBreak Carolinas, 7/24/2019

    Construction technology is an increasingly important aspect of the future of construction. With the skilled labor shortage, stagnant productivity, and safety issues that plague the industry, it’s hard to stay ahead of these issues. Construction companies, universities, and technology companies are working hard to find solutions to these problems.

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    How can new technologies make construction safer?

    The Architect's Newspaper, 7/3/2019

    Construction remains one of the most dangerous careers in the United States. To stop accidents before they happen, construction companies are turning to emerging technologies to improve workplace safety—from virtual reality, drone photography, IoT-connected tools, and machine learning. That said, some solutions come with the looming specter of workplace surveillance in the name of safety, with all of the Black Mirror-esque possibilities.

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    Smartvid.io to sponsor AGC's Construction Safety, Health & Environmental Conference

    AGC Construction Safety, Health & Environmental Conference, July 23-25, Seattle, WA

    Smartvid.io is a sponsor at the AGC Construction Safety, Health & Environmental Conference on July 23-25 in Seattle, WA. Stop by our booth to learn how to use the data you already have in construction management systems like Procore and Autodesk BIM 360 to create an automated safety risk assessment report that delivers cross project benchmarking and identifies leading risk indicators using Vinnie, our AI engine.

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