platform and app uses AI to improve construction safety

    For Construction Pros, 6/18/2019

    Capture, track and inspect the construction site with the mobile app, a companion to the platform. The app and its artificial intelligence engine “Vinnie” is designed to help improve construction safety. captures narrated photos and videos to document field observations. It leverages its AI engine to gauge risks and detect hazards. It also lets contractors conduct inspections of the jobsite at anytime.

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    ConTech Roadshow, June 19, 2019, Denver, CO is a sponsor at the ConTech Roadshow on June 19th in Denver, CO. We will have an exhibit table so be sure to stop by to see how you can use the data you already have in construction management systems like Procore and Autodesk BIM 360 to create an automated safety risk assessment report that delivers cross project benchmarking and identifies leading risk indicators using Vinnie, our AI engine.

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    Construction Technology Trends: Best of Breed Apps

    Raken, 5/28/2019

    From the dawn of time (or at least whenever marketing was invented), there have been products out there claiming to be the cure-all, silver bullet solution. They offer answers to all problems, and when advertised, you see phrases like, "never buy another in your life!" or "the last product you will ever need!" but in reality, the majority of these all-in-one solutions will likely give a weak amount of assistance to a variety of issues. For the construction industry, all-in-one software is everywhere you look. The big names in construction tech all offer an all-inclusive solution, and most contractors have tried at least one of them. The issue is, once purchased these all-in-one solutions rarely deliver on their lofty claims. You bought a miracle cure, and ended up getting a decent swig of something that, while it doesn't necessarily hurt, doesn't come close to curing all those diseases listed on the bottle.

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