Improving Jobsite Safety with Machine Learning

The USGlass News Network™ , 1/25/2018

Safety is a major priority on jobsites, but many hazards can go unnoticed. Machine learning can enhance safety monitoring through pictures, videos and audio recordings taken on the site.

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Forging ahead with Autodesk’s Forge Platform

MCADCafé, 1/18/2018

In November, Autodesk announced several updates to its Forge platform, including new cloud application development tools, the Forge Application Framework, and several new investments at Forge DevCon, the company’s event for Forge developers held immediately before Autodesk University.

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Why Machine Learning is the Next Big Thing for Construction Safety

Connect & Construct, 1/19/2018

More than 20% of workplace fatalities in the U.S. occur on construction sites. On average, that means a lack of on-site construction safety kills about 1,000 people a year, while one in ten construction workers will experience an injury in the same time frame.

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Image Recognition Software Aids ENR Photo Contest Judges Again

ENR, 1/11/2018

A machine-learning, artificial-intelligence system designed to flag safety hazards on construction sites has once again provided a backstop for the judges of ENR’s annual photo contest. Known as “Vinnie”— Very Intelligent Neural Network for Insight and Evaluation— the software uses object recognition technologies similar to those in an autonomous vehicle to analyze construction photos and videos for risks. Developed two years ago by Cambridge, Mass.-based Inc., the system matches pixels in images to a library of objects to automatically tag or note the absence of specific items, such as hardhats, gloves, or safety colors. 

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AGC Convention, February 26-28, New Orleans, LA is an exhibitor at this year's AGC Convention on February 26-28, 2018 in New Orleans, LA. Be sure to stop by booth #206 to see how our software platform can analyze your jobsite photos and videos for safety hazards.

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Put machine learning to work for you with Egnyte +

Egnyte, 11/2/2017

“Machine learning” (ML) is the buzzy new thing everywhere you turn, sending people across industries on a race for newer, better, and smarter systems to solve tough problems. But when no one knows what today’s hype really means for tomorrow’s workplace, the ML phenomenon may still feel like an abstract, far-off concept that’s irrelevant to how you work today.

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GPS & Telematics: The digital future

Construction Europe, 1/3/2018

The digital world is moving forward at a pace that would not have seemed credible a few short years ago, and what was simply an extended version of a car satnav is now as complicated and diverse as anyone could want it to be. Communication with a machine now takes in a multitude of different functions, much of it using the cloud – still a relatively new idea – and all of it revolving around data. Without data, there is nothing.

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AGC Safety & Health Conference, January 10-12, Long Beach, CA is a mobile app sponsor at this year's AGC Safety & Health Winter Conference on January 10-12, 2018 in Long Beach, CA. We will have a table display so be sure to stop by to say hi to learn more about

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Building Connections 2018, January 8, Washington, DC

Josh Kanner, Founder and CEO of, will be speaking at Building Connections 2018 on January 8th in Washington, DC.  This event is hosted by the American Institute of Architects.

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