for BIM 360 – Photo and Video Management Platform

    Revit Add-ons, 11/16/2017

    If you’ve ever felt like the photos and videos in your company are getting out of control, you’re not alone. Based on input from builders like you, we’ve built a photo and video management platform designed for the needs of the AEC industry. One of our core features – “SmartTagging” – uses artificial intelligence to automatically tag content based on voice and image recognition. Set up the BIM 360 Docs integration in 90 seconds or less, and start analyzing your photos and videos using the SmartTagging engine right from BIM 360 Docs.

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    6 Paths to the Automated Construction Site, 11/16/2017

    The construction site hasn’t changed much over the years. Humans in hard hats still scurry across scaffolding, lay rebar, and pour concrete. While automation has transformed the world of manufacturing, construction remains relatively untouched by self-sufficient machines. That is about to change. Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and robotics are poised to bring automation to building construction. Here we examine six technologies likely to be found on the construction site of tomorrow.

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    Autodesk Forge, 11/13/2017 is a Boston-based software company focused on leveraging machine learning to improve safety, productivity, and quality in the $10T global AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry. Their SmartTag Engine leverages deep learning to listen to (voice recognition) and watch (image recognition) what is seen in a video or photos and then automatically tags it according to defined terms and alert conditions. The platform results in significant risk reduction, saves time for field personnel, improves owner communication, tames the challenge of enterprise-wide media management, and creates an alert and analytics framework for key aspects of project delivery.

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    Human versus Machine

    Agg-Net, 10/27/2017

    Artificial intelligence is now a reality – but what impact will it have on the construction industry?

    The potential for artificial intelligence – or AI – is high on the social agenda. Seemingly, everyone from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to Tesla chief executive officer Elon Musk has an opinion on the impact of AI on our everyday lives.

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