It's All About the Data

BuiltTech Week, Oct 2-6 , 2017, Atlanta, GA

Given the enormous need for infrastructure improvements and the demonstrated benefits of BIM for complex projects, organizations should increasingly be using modeling and analysis tools to design and build infrastructure projects. However, the most widely used BIM software packages are not interoperable and rebuilding models is costly and time consuming.

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NECA 2017, Oct 7-10 , 2017, Seattle, WA

The first TECHTOPIA Pavilion at the 2017 National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Show will present new disruptive technology and digital media strategies for the construction industry, Oct. 8-10 in Seattle.

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Artificial Intelligence Advances to Improve Construction

ENR, 9/5/2017

Graphics Processing Units are playing a key role in attacking some of society’s toughest problems, like diagnosing and treating diseases, and powering simulations for breakthroughs in scientific discoveries. Sophisticated GPUs deliver the horsepower behind deep learning, a system for artificial intelligence programming modeled after the human brain.

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