Lithko Contracting

Join us on Thursday, December 12th at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT!

Hear from two experienced industry executives as they discuss how data analytics is increasingly being used to help reduce risk in construction. Ryan Hale, CIO & Director of Strategic Initiatives at Lithko Contracting, and Tim Gattie, VP of Strategy at (and formerly of Sundt & PCL Construction) will discuss their own experiences as they think about how companies can benefit from the lessons of other industries when applying analytics.  

Data analytics have important applications across a wide variety of industries as diverse as major league baseball and construction. Oakland A’s General Manager, Billy Beane, famously spearheaded the sabermetrics principle in the movie Moneyball. Sabermetrics is the concept of using player statistics and analytics to improve player selection and team performance.

How do we, as contractors, transition away from traditional decision making to a data-driven process like they did in baseball?  Join Ryan and Tim in a free flowing conversation in the style of "Comedians in cars with coffee" on December 12th to find out! 

You’ll learn:

  • The experiences of two seasoned industry executives who have worked to implement more data-driven approaches in their organizations 
  • What organizational and process changes are needed to use the data effectively
  • How AI can yield insights into project risk


  • Ryan Hale, CIO & Director of Strategic Initiatives at Lithko Contracting
  • Tim Gattie, VP of Industry Strategy at
  • Moderator: Josh Kanner, Founder and CEO at

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