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Project Year in Construction Photo Contest

Over the last five years, amazing progress has been made in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. At work, when you need to search for useful imagery for your company’s safety or marketing departments, can you find it quickly? What methods are available for searching through photos and videos?

The solution lies in applying artificial intelligence technologies, known as machine learning, to solve industrial-grade problems.

In partnership with the Engineering News-Record (ENR), we present the first-ever Artificial Intelligence for Construction Safety DemonstrationDownload this case study to learn:

  • How to use AI to  help solve construction industry issues
  • The results of our partnership with ENR in their annual photo competition
  • How our artificial intelligence engine, Vinnie (Very Intelligent Neural Network for Insight and Evaluation), helps the human safety experts screen for safety issues
  • What's next in machine learning

Download Case Study

Participating in the ENR Photo competition was an honor. We use various data capture solutions on our project sites. As part of our 'build smart' approach to project planning and construction, we continue to identify game-changing, innovative technologies.— Chris Mayer, Chief Innovation Officer