For IT / Administrators

Why it matters:

Digitalization in the AEC industry
More photos and videos are being taken on projects than ever before. 
Data management and analytics in construction
Keeping track of all of this digital information is a challenge across the company.
Integrated systems in AEC organizations
Consumer systems do not fit the project-centric needs of the AEC industry.


Set up integrations with other apps

Set up integrations with other apps, file systems and site cameras to consolidate all photo and video data

See and manage access at company or project level

Easily see & manage access at the company, project or file level

Build a custom integration or leverage SSO

Work with our team to build a custom integration or leverage single sign on (SSO)


Key Features:

  •’s data model facilitates deployments across multiple business units or market sectors
  • Granular user permissions facilitate rollouts to corporate and project staff, owners, and trade partners
  • Our native IOS mobile app provides field users with a best-in-class app for capturing photos and videos and remote access to all data
  •’s scalable infrastructure makes it easy to expand rollouts without compromising performance