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A toolbox talk is an informal group discussion that focuses on a particular safety issue. These talks can be used daily to promote department safety culture as well as to facilitate health and safety discussions on job sites. A toolbox talk covers special topics on safety aspects related to the specific job.

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Better to be deposed with than without

Everyone who has been part of one, dreads being summoned to a deposition. Specifically, you are called to the carpet by a lawyer who has every incentive to get you to support the conclusion they want. Lawyers know that with the benefit of hindsight, no accident is unpreventable. The accident happened but the question would be – what did you do to avoid it?

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How much photo documentation is necessary on jobsites?

The construction industry has historically been an under-digitized sector, only beating out agriculture and hunting. Change is upon us and projects are adopting new technology on the job site. Superintendents and project engineers are now armed with powerful mobile apps and photo and video capture devices wherever they are on the job site. Mobile devices with high quality cameras, 360°, and high resolution site cameras are becoming commonplace. Making sure this equipment is used efficiently, by capturing quality photos and videos, can play a significant role in the success of a project.

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Does AI create additional liability on the jobsite?

I’m pleased to welcome Charles (Chuck) Cobb, former general counsel for construction manager William A. Berry & Son, to as our advisor on construction risk and insurance. He will be working with us closely as we help our customers understand how to best leverage our construction risk analytics data. Chuck's first contribution below explores how contractors can best use insights from AI to reduce actual and legal risks. And, if AI engines like VINNIE proactively detects risks on jobsites, what is a contractor's potential liability if accidents still occur? We’re excited to have Chuck on board to explore these questions and many other important topics for our customers and partners.  Josh Kanner, Founder & CEO,

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Beyond VINNIE: How AI works for the construction industry

What does AI actually mean? It’s a term thrown around all the time in media and tech circles used to describe anything from the latest app to full-on doomsday robots. Wikipedia defines AI as “intelligence demonstrated by machines,” versus natural intelligence shown by humans and other animals. Since AI is still nowhere close to the any human-like “intelligence,” its working definition usually refers to software that’s very good at accomplishing narrowly defined tasks.

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Can we predict construction incidents before they happen?

Today at ENR’s FutureTech conference in San Francisco, Jit Kee Chin, EVP and Chief Data Officer at Suffolk, announced the results of 6 months of collaboration between our companies. We think it’s groundbreaking and hope you will too.

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Reducing risk of injuries utilizing safety analytics

Without a doubt, keeping workers safe on the job site should be the most important thing to any project team. And yet, today’s job sites that are increasingly large, complex, and rapidly changing make it very challenging to constantly monitor the site for all aspects of safety best practices. Having a second set of eyes that look out for safety hazards can be a valuable tool for project teams -- a key reason why many leading contractors are investing in safety training and assigning on-site safety professionals for their largest jobs. Even so, there are limits to how many site inspections teams can execute in the context of broader responsibilities that include planning and coordination, training, reporting, and incident investigations.

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The real cost of injuries on the jobsite

As the construction industry grows so does the risk of injury on the jobsite. Projects are becoming larger and increasingly complex, not to mention the compressed schedules we are all asked to deliver. Each of these factors puts workers at a greater risk of injury in a fast paced, complex environment. All the while, contractors are being asked to reduce costs and take on more risk to complete these projects.

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The importance of work gloves in construction

Don’t be one of the million construction workers who visit the ER this year due to hand injuries.

The construction site is riddled with hazards for your hands and wearing proper gloves might be the only thing between you and a trip to the emergency room. The stats on hand injuries in construction are staggering.

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Voice and Image Analysis on Photos and Video Saves Time and Reduces Risk

From our customer's use of our platform we're seeing how tagging—especially automatic image and voice tagging—is a more efficient approach to managing your photo and video content. It’s faster, easier, and much more powerful than manually searching for images by name or looking for specific content in each image.’s automatic SmartTagging system gives users the simplicity of doing a “search” for any tag in images or the audio tracks of their videos.  These can be specific terms, keywords and markers like locations (e.g., "Main Lobby") or objects (e.g., "Crane", "Person").  Just like Facebook's photos engine can automatically tag your friends, our engine can automatically tag objects and people in your project photos. 

What are customers doing with this power and flexibility?  In this short blog I'm sharing some of the questions teams are getting answered by searching on image and voice tags in our platform.  

Topics: AEC Technology, Safety Users Agree that Video Is Better - Reports From the Field

One of our core beliefs here at is that video is a quicker and easier way to communicate. In fact, it’s one of our founding company principles. For some time, we’ve been working behind the scenes with customers using an early-stage version of our product. And what they’ve been saying (and doing) has been completely validating. It’s always best to hear directly from customers and end users, so I put together this short list of real use cases to highlight and share some of our key learnings.  

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