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How much photo documentation is necessary on jobsites?

The construction industry has historically been an under-digitized sector, only beating out agriculture and hunting. Change is upon us and projects are adopting new technology on the job site. Superintendents and project engineers are now armed with powerful mobile apps and photo and video capture devices wherever they are on the job site. Mobile devices with high quality cameras, 360°, and high resolution site cameras are becoming commonplace. Making sure this equipment is used efficiently, by capturing quality photos and videos, can play a significant role in the success of a project.

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So much data, so many answers

Data analytics and business intelligence (BI) have been getting a lot of press recently due to their increased use in the construction industry. "Number crunching has always been a big part of construction — a commonly heard phrase is that construction companies are accounting companies which happen to erect buildings," says Bernard Marr, How Big Data And Analytics Are Transforming The Construction Industry. The most significant change recently has been the abundance of data available to analyze.

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Leveraging to facilitate progress tracking

Properly tracking and documenting progress on a construction project is critical to a well-managed project. Documenting when and how key tasks and activities are completed by specific trades can make schedule updates more straight forward. Capturing this information, however, has traditionally required time-consuming site walks and tedious, paper-based processes that are poorly controlled and inconsistently executed.

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From some wins to a major milestone: Series A Funding round

Well, we’ve had some nice wins recently. Some highlights: being named one of the top 2 most disruptive uses of Artificial Intelligence by NVIDIA, and being featured by Skanska in their recent ENR FutureTech presentation.

And now, we’ve got big news! is moving to the next phase of building the company by closing our Series A funding round.  We raised $7M overall, with investments from Autodesk, Borealis Ventures, Castor Ventures, and existing investors Converge, Launchpad Venture Group and Stage 1 Ventures

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Stiles Construction manages photos with the Smartvid-Procore integration

As you might know by now,’s mission is to help companies manage photos & videos from the jobsite. This is an old, messy problem that’s only gotten messier with the addition of mobile devices, wearables, apps, and drones. We’ve explained how we tackle it with machine learning; next, we’re ditching the abstract, technical mumbo-jumbo and showing live examples of how our Procore integration makes organizing and finding photos & videos easier than ever.

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Why I'm Thrilled to Join

This week, I am thrilled to be joining as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. In this role, I will be leading the company’s efforts to bring our products to market and help industrial companies achieve breakthrough results in risk management and operational productivity.

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Themes from Bluebeam eXtreme and ConTechTrio

Accessing your (photo/video) information where and when you need it

August was another busy month. I presented at Bluebeam eXtreme in San Diego and was interviewed by the excellent ConTechTrio for their podcast on new construction technologies- and that was just one of my weeks!

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Meet the Newest Members of Our Amazing Team

You might have noticed that we haven’t blogged in a while. Why? Because we’ve been aggressively hiring. The reports are true. It’s brutally difficult and time consuming finding great tech talent, especially in and around Greater Boston. But I’m happy to say that our search efforts were worth it.

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While at CES 2016, I Wondered #WhereDoesTheVideoGo?

I had the opportunity to visit the recent CES event with our alpha customer Rogers-O'Brien Construction.  Here are some of my thoughts from the awesome experience.

Topics: Events, Industrial Media Management Users Agree that Video Is Better - Reports From the Field

One of our core beliefs here at is that video is a quicker and easier way to communicate. In fact, it’s one of our founding company principles. For some time, we’ve been working behind the scenes with customers using an early-stage version of our product. And what they’ve been saying (and doing) has been completely validating. It’s always best to hear directly from customers and end users, so I put together this short list of real use cases to highlight and share some of our key learnings.  

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Wait a Minute. Construction is at its Highest Level Since 2008?

Last week I received the AGC Smartbrief email newsletter and did a double take.  According to an early November research report, construction spending was up 0.6%, reaching its highest level since May 2008 with a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1.09 trillion.  After my initial surprise passed, I thought this was good news, but wondered, how does this compare to the heady days of 2006 and 2007?

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Introduction to and Interdrone Reflections

Thank you for visiting our new website and blog.  We're on an exciting journey with our customers to build a platform for industrial media—the content coming from project sites and other locations where work is being executed.  We’ve seen a huge increase in the use of devices like mobile phones, GoPro® cameras and even drones for construction projects, inspections, and other field activities so we’re building the industry’s first platform for managing that data. 

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