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Mike Perozek heads up Smartvid.io's sales, marketing, partner, and customer success programs. Mike is passionate about helping customers adopt new technology and achieve breakthrough financial and operational improvements. Prior to Smartvid.io, Mike built and led sales and customer success teams at leading vertical SaaS companies Buildium LLC (real estate) and Bullhorn (recruiting/CRM). Mike's alma maters include Stanford University and MIT Sloan and when he's not working he's hanging out with his family and spending time outdoors.

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How much photo documentation is necessary on jobsites?

The construction industry has historically been an under-digitized sector, only beating out agriculture and hunting. Change is upon us and projects are adopting new technology on the job site. Superintendents and project engineers are now armed with powerful mobile apps and photo and video capture devices wherever they are on the job site. Mobile devices with high quality cameras, 360°, and high resolution site cameras are becoming commonplace. Making sure this equipment is used efficiently, by capturing quality photos and videos, can play a significant role in the success of a project.

Topics: AEC Technology, Safety, Artificial Intelligence, Video, Industrial Media Management

So much data, so many answers

Data analytics and business intelligence (BI) have been getting a lot of press recently due to their increased use in the construction industry. "Number crunching has always been a big part of construction — a commonly heard phrase is that construction companies are accounting companies which happen to erect buildings," says Bernard Marr, How Big Data And Analytics Are Transforming The Construction Industry. The most significant change recently has been the abundance of data available to analyze.

Topics: AEC Technology, Industrial Media Management

Leveraging Smartvid.io to facilitate progress tracking

Properly tracking and documenting progress on a construction project is critical to a well-managed project. Documenting when and how key tasks and activities are completed by specific trades can make schedule updates more straight forward. Capturing this information, however, has traditionally required time-consuming site walks and tedious, paper-based processes that are poorly controlled and inconsistently executed.

Topics: AEC Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Media Management

Reducing risk of injuries utilizing safety analytics

Without a doubt, keeping workers safe on the job site should be the most important thing to any project team. And yet, today’s job sites that are increasingly large, complex, and rapidly changing make it very challenging to constantly monitor the site for all aspects of safety best practices. Having a second set of eyes that look out for safety hazards can be a valuable tool for project teams -- a key reason why many leading contractors are investing in safety training and assigning on-site safety professionals for their largest jobs. Even so, there are limits to how many site inspections teams can execute in the context of broader responsibilities that include planning and coordination, training, reporting, and incident investigations.

Topics: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Safety

The importance of work gloves in construction

Don’t be one of the million construction workers who visit the ER this year due to hand injuries.

The construction site is riddled with hazards for your hands and wearing proper gloves might be the only thing between you and a trip to the emergency room. The stats on hand injuries in construction are staggering.

Topics: Safety, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AEC Technology

Construction Wins (and so does Smartvid.io!)

Last week, it was a great honor for me to represent Smartvid.io in NVIDIA’s inaugural AI Start-up Challenge. Over 600 companies were considered and Smartvid.io was one of 5 selected for the category of companies “most likely to disrupt their industry”.

Topics: AEC Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

It's Conference Season at Smartvid.io

Earlier this month, the Smartvid.io team traveled to Vegas for the 98th Annual AGC Convention and massive CON EXPO-CON/AGG show. Well over 100,000 experienced contractors, equipment, and technology providers attended the two shows.

Topics: Events

Why I'm Thrilled to Join Smartvid.io

This week, I am thrilled to be joining Smartvid.io as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. In this role, I will be leading the company’s efforts to bring our products to market and help industrial companies achieve breakthrough results in risk management and operational productivity.

Topics: Customer Success, Industrial Media Management

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