Avoiding hand injuries in the workplace is a priority for construction site safety. Over 20% of all disabling injuries involve the hands and nearly 70% of these are lacerations or punctures.

  • Recently, many construction firms have moved to 100% glove compliance policies since the #1 cause of hand injuries is performing tasks without safety gloves
  • Serious hand injuries account for over 100,000 accidents per year at an average cost of over $15,000/accident
  • Yet, it is challenging to measure glove compliance given the number and scale of projects when compared to the number of dedicated safety professionals

Smartvid.io's safety monitoring solution

Smartvid.io automatically scans all of your jobsite photos and finds & counts workers who are missing safety work gloves. Setup takes less than 90 seconds because we pull photos directly from Procore and Autodesk BIM 360 Field (and other systems) so you can immediately:

  • Measure glove compliance for projects - automatically
  • Analyze the photos your projects are gathering every day- no extra work required by field or safety teams
  • Drive behavior - as compliance & non-compliance examples are found - share them with project team members directly

See how Smartvid.io automatically identifies safety risks.  Complete the form on the right to view a 2-minute safety demo.

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Smartvid.io is like having an 'extra pair of eyes that doesn’t sleep' looking at our photo data. Now, we can better identify both positive examples and areas for improvement that we might otherwise miss.

— Jason Timmerman, Skanska Commercial Development, Health & Safety Director
 Skanska USA