Egnyte integrated with

Powerful, automatic photo & video management for Egnyte

Egnyte integration with

What it does:

  • Enables image and voice search for photos and videos (just like "Google"!)
  • Automatically pulls all photos and videos together from your folders and sub-folders in Egnyte
  • Search by image recognition, voice recognition, file name and other file data to more easily find, share and collaborate on your media

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Want to save time looking for photos and videos from your projects?
Save 60% of the time required to capture and organize photo and video documentation by using voice and image recognition plus tagging
Need to find a specific image from your projects?
Bring all your Egnyte photos and videos together in one place automatically. Then, use image recognition "tagging" to easily search - no more sifting through photos!
Looking for a timeline of photo and video documentation?
Review all your documentation after automatically pre-sorting it by week.