Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our customers are saying about using to reduce risk on their projects

Photos and videos have traditionally been difficult to find, share and approve leading to many hours of wasted time. By integrating with Procore, we’ve centralized and standardized how we manage our digital media assets at both the project and company level. The benefits are saving time in search and approvals, lowering risk by improving access to critical imagery, and better external communication.

— Kris Lengieza, Director of Virtual Design & Construction

I firmly believe we can prevent incidents by looking at photos alone - if you’re seeing a high rate of Vinnie observations for PPE or other issues that is like an independent auditor reviewing your jobs. Predicting incidents is the next phase, and we’re excited about the potential there, but even today the trend data we’re getting from Vinnie is helping us figure out where we need to focus our attention.

— Shaun Carvalho, Vice President of Safety

After the pilot project, we were convinced these new techniques create additional value for our clients by enabling a quantitative assessment of key infrastructure health indicators like cracks. In the future, we look forward to expanding these models to other indicators of damage, including concrete spalling and water ingress features.

— Mike Devriendt, Associate Director

As a custom homebuilder with projects all over Canada and the US, solves two critical challenges for us. First off, communication to the client is critical. We’re now able to record photos and short videos we can share with the owner in a branded secure portal. They love it. Second, as we’re growing I want to be able to stay on top of progress plus the implementation of our standard practices. helps us share best practices in short video across the firm and also aggregate progress updates across all of our projects. It’s great!

— Charles Bovet, VP West Coast Operations

There is demonstrable opportunity to control hazards and improve safety performance by deploying resources to those sites where elevated risk is predicted.

- Alex Hall , EVP, Environmental Health & Safety

Over the past couple years, it has become super easy to capture photos and videos on jobsites; now with and Procore working together, we’re able to easily organize all this visual data and - better yet - use AI to find insights related to quality and safety on our jobsites.

Ajoy Bhattacharya, Senior Director of Innovation

As our organization continually innovates, we are always looking for new, better ways to securely manage photo and video content.’s cloud approach and enterprise data model fits nicely within our IT strategy and removes the challenge of managing all of the media internally while providing a better experience for our internal and external clients.

Corren Collura, CIO

We are excited to be able to automatically pull out photos from BIM 360 Field and use’s automatic and manual tagging to streamline how we find and use our field imagery. From safety, to marketing to operations, we have a lot of interest in field photos across the company.

— Joshua Lannen, QA/QC Manager

DroneView Technologies is a leading drone services company that works with enterprise customers throughout the United States - collecting, processing and extracting real value out of aerial drone derived data. We have enjoyed working closely with since the company's inception and view them as one of our core technology partners. has helped us solve some of our image and video management challenges and the platform provides for significantly enhanced workflow and collaboration capabilities for our enterprise clients.

— Michael Singer, CEO

Construction jobs provide many unique challenges on a daily basis. The implementation of drone technology and other data capturing technologies can provide enhanced solutions to the areas of safety, quality control, logistics and planning, visual communication, and security to name a few.  We’re excited to work with to add valuable analysis to the ever increasing amounts of photo and video data we’re collecting via these methods.

Oliver Smith, VDC Director in Skanska’s Innovative Construction Solutions group

As early Beta users of the product, we are excited for the combination of and Procore. By combining’s automatic image and voice recognition with Procore’s photo albums we’ll save time for field personnel and manage risk by being able to find critical documentation a lot easier down the road.

— Taylor Cupp, Project Solutions Technologist

We are increasingly using video and photos across our entire company. From photos we use to prepare bids, to existing site condition documentation, progress tracking, handover and training, and even marketing, we keep finding new value from the platform.

— Andy Deschenes, Director of Project Services

We've been tracking the ever-increasing amounts of photo and video content generated from our mobile devices, drone flights, and our work with wearables. We've wondered how we can not only manage it, but turn it from being a problem into an opportunity for better collaboration and communication. Not only does solve our content management problems, it elevates the power of the content with new video-based collaboration and automated tagging.

— Todd Wynne, Construction Technology Manager