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CustomerBarton Malow

Project360 photos and video and AI

Safety is fundamental to Barton Malow’s mission. Testifying to that, the company proudly displays a logo that proclaims this: “Build it Safe—No Exceptions.” With an impressive safety record superior to the industry average, it continues to maintain an ongoing commitment to safety improvement.

The company was already using StructionSite to tag, store and manage images and video, including 360 degree photos, to automate their site documentation process. So, when they learned they could also use those images to find subtle signals of project risk with, they decided to see what the AI, “Vinnie,” could do. In Q1 2019, Barton Malow deployed the Safety Monitoring module on six projects.

Download the case study to learn how Barton Malow is saving time and making construction sites safer with a joint solution of 360 photos and artificial intelligence.

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As we grow and continue to capture more and better data on our jobsite conditions, worker behaviors, and incidents, AI is helping us better understand and proactively manage safety risk across our jobsites.’s image recognition and predictive analytics are two super-powerful, yet extremely practical and easy to use AI applications that we’re excited to be investing in. —  Scott Wagner, Senior Safety Director
Barton Malow