About Us

    At Smartvid.io we’re united by a common goal— to help the global construction industry predict and prevent safety risk by helping our customers become data and AI-driven companies. Our experienced team of enterprise software engineers, machine learning specialists, and account managers work together to understand each company’s location in the journey to becoming data and AI-driven and deploy a tailored approach to have the most impact on risk in the shortest possible time frame. 

    Meet the Team

    Vadik Bakman, Lead UX / UI

    Vadik Bakman

    Lead UX / UI

    Vadik Bakman is a User Experience Design Lead at Smartvid.io. Vadik is passionate about designing user-friendly product and enjoys the challenge of helping users quickly turn big data into valuable insights to act upon. Vadik graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art Design in Jerusalem, Israel. Prior to joining Smartvid.io he was a Creative Director of the Jerusalem Science Museum and Design Lead in multiple startups in Tel-Aviv and Boston. He enjoys cooking, traveling the world and being a dad to his two girls.

    Tatiana Bondar - Quality Assurance Engineer

    Tatiana Bondar

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    Tatiana is a Quality Assurance Engineer at Smartvid.io. Before joining the Smartvid.io team, she worked at Infrascale.
    She holds a Master's Degree in Automation and Control Systems. In her spare time, Tatiana enjoys reading, traveling and social dancing.
    Pavlo Borysenko, Full Stack Software Engineer

    Pavlo Boysenko

    Full Stack Engineer

    Pavlo Borysenko is the Full Stack Software Engineer at Smartvid.io. He holds Master's degree in Applied Physics and Computer Science from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in Ukraine. Prior to Smartvid.io, Pavlo worked at Netcracker, BMC, Thomson Reuters. His interests include snowboarding and tennis. 
    Tyler Britt, Associate Product Manager

    Tyler Britt

    Associate Product Manager

    Tyler is an Associate Product Manager at Smartvid.io is helping to guide and develop emerging elements of our product. Before joining Smartvid.io, he worked at a General Contracting firm in the Boston area as an Assistant Project Manager. He holds a BSBA with a concentration in Finance from The University of Richmond in Virginia. In his free time, he can be found skiing, mountain biking, or traveling with his friends.
    Sadjad Asghari Esfeden, Lead Computer Vision Engineer

    Sadjad Asghari Esfeden

    Lead Computer Vision Engineer

    Sadjad is Lead Computer Vision Engineer at Smartvid.io. He is responsible for the computer vision models built for smart tagging. Sadjad is a PhD candidate at Northeastern University in the field of Computer Vision and Deep Learning and prior to that, he received his Master’s degree from Northeastern University and Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from University of Tehran, Iran, in 2015 and 2013 respectively. Sadjad has done some summer internships previously in R&D environments at Walt Disney Imagineering and Hoyos Labs. He enjoys hiking, photography, bowling, and video games!

    Timothy Gattie, VP of Industry Strategy

    Timothy Gattie

    Vice President of Industry Strategy

    Tim is VP of Industry Strategy at Smartvid.io.  He has 20 years of construction industry experience working for regional, national and international general contractors in roles ranging from Field Engineer to Project Director.  Tim is passionate about using technology as a tool to improve the way construction projects are delivered and is eager to share his story with others in the industry. Gattie graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Arizona, California and Utah.  When not at work, Tim enjoys golfing, traveling and being a great dad to his two boys.

    Anna Gorishna, Quality Assurance Lead

    Anna Gorishna

    Quality Assurance Lead

    Anna works in quality assurance at Smartvid.io. She holds a Bachelor's of Computer Science from National Technical University in Ukraine and Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University in Montreal. After school Anna worked as financial analyst at State Street Bank and Computershare until she decided to make a switch into tech world. She enjoys traveling, sailing and playing outdoors with her son and daughter.


    Vlad Gorsky


    Vlad Gorsky is a member of the founding team and CTO at Smartvid.io. He is responsible for the Smartvid.io technology direction and implementtion.  Vlad has also implemented the machine-learning-based speech recognition engine that powers the Smart Tag engine voice analytics.  He holds Master's degree in Computer Science from Dnepropetrovsky State University in Ukraine. Prior to Smartvid.io, Vlad worked at Facebook, VMware, BMC, and Vela Systems. His interests include photography, chess and CrossFit.

    Gary Greenberger, SVP Sales

    Gary Greenberger

    SVP of Sales

    Gary Greenberger is SVP of Sales at Smartvid.io. Gary has spent the past 20+ years working as part of the senior leadership team focused on revenue generation for several successful start up companies.  Notable ones in the Construction Space were Constructware, CTSpace and Vela Systems which were all successful acquisitions. Gary graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Business Logistics.  He enjoys spending free time with his family, exercising, playing poker and supporting all Pittsburgh professional sports teams.
    Dmitry Grenader, Vice President of Product Management

    Dmitry Grenader

    Vice President of Product Management

    Dmitry Grenader heads up product management efforts at Smartvid.io. He started his career as a software developer, but later joined the “dark side” of product management. A veteran of a startup scene, Dmitry has worked across four VC-backed startups in the Boston area. Most recently he led product management at Luminoso, an AI spinoff from MIT Media Lab focused on text analytics. Dmitry holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Boston University. When he is not at work he… thinks about work.
    , Machine Learning Engineer

    Mo Han

    Machine Learning Engineer

    Dr. Mo Han is a Machine Learning Engineer at Smartvid.io. She earned her PhD degree from Northeastern University at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering in 2021. Her research topic includes machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and signal processing. She also holds a Certificate in Engineering Leadership from the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership at Northeastern University. As a double bass player, Mo enjoys music, live concerts and singing, as well as movies, traveling and hiking. 
    Ricky Kahn, Customer Success Manager

    Ricky Kahn

    Customer Success Manager

    Ricky Kahn is the Customer Success Manager at Smartvid.io. He's focused on client relations and delivering the optimal customer experience. Prior to joining Smartvid.io, Ricky worked in development at a large nonprofit. He also brings extensive sales and customer service experience from his previous positions at CustomInk and Amazon. A Boston native and proud Syracuse alum, Ricky can usually be found at Fenway Park.

    Josh Kanner

    Founder and CEO

    Josh Kanner is Founder & CEO of Smartvid.io. Most recently he was co-founder of Vela Systems, a pioneer in the use of web and tablet workflows for construction and capital projects. The company was successfully acquired by Autodesk in 2012 and has been rebranded as BIM360 Field. Prior to founding Vela Systems, Josh was responsible for product management and strategy at Emptoris (now part of IBM), a web-based strategic sourcing software company. Kanner graduated from Brown University and earned an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He enjoys hiking, skiing, travel and being a dad to his two boys.

    Roman Kurin, full stack software engineer at Smartvid.io

    Roman Kurin

    Full Stack Software Engineer/Architect

    Roman is a full stack software engineer/architect at Smartvid.io. Roman received his Bachelor's of Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Before Smartvid.io Roman worked as a software architect at Priceline/KAYAK and senior software engineer at Advent/Tamale software. Roman is a big sports fan, mostly enjoying soccer and hockey, both playing and watching. A lot of his time is occupied by his daughter, who is amazing.


    Peter Litvak

    Chief Software Architect

    Peter Litvak is a member of the founding team and the Chief Software Architect at Smartvid.io. Peter manages the overall architecture as well as the computer vision back end and data management implementation.  Peter holds a master's of science in computer science from National Mining University of Ukraine. Before joining Smartvid.io, he was the architect at Copyright.com, the principal technical lead at Nuance Communications working in machine learning and speech and one of the original developers, and the Director of Engineering at Vela Systems. Peter enjoys photography, table tennis and deep sea fishing.  He also enjoyings trying out new computer vision approaches.

    Gary Long, Senior Machine Learning Engineer

    Gary Long

    Senior Machine Learning Engineer

    Gary is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Smartvid.io. He brings 16 years of experience from the Defense and Aerospace industries where he solved problems in computer vision, applied mathematics, and machine learning. He holds a BA from Johns Hopkins University in Biomedical Engineering and a master's degree in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University. He enjoys running, cooking, and considers himself a perpetual learner and collector of hobbies.
    Paul MacLelland, Director Account Development at Smartvid.io

    Paul MacLelland

    Director of Account Development

    Paul heads up Account Development for Smartvid.io - he is responsible for helping customers understand and experience the value of the technology. Prior to joining Smartvid.io, he was a Managing Principal at Multivisita MA, a Sales Director at Building Engines and the founding member of the sales team at Vela Systems. He holds a BA in History from UMass Amherst. Paul’s hobbies include racquetball, sprint triathlons and whatever his 2 daughters get into.

    John MacVarish, Account Executive

    John MacVarish

    Account Executive

    John works as an Account Executive for Smartvid.io where he focuses on consulting enterprise customers towards reducing project risk through AI driven safety, productivity and quality insight. He brings 10+ years of client development and customer service experience in the technology and insurance industries. He holds his BA in Psychology from The College of Wooster in Ohio and lives in Greater Boston with his wife, daughter and two dogs. Outside of work his hobbies include reading, hiking, gardening and supporting all of Boston's professional sports teams.
    Kris Maroe, Product Manager

    Kristoffer Maroe

    Product Manager

    Kris is a Product Manager, with a focus on dashboards, data quality and new tag development. Prior to joining Smartvid, Kris spent three years working in the Boston startup ecosystem as the platform team manager at Companyon Ventures. Kris hails from Norway and is an alum of the Norwegian School of Economics and Boston University. Kris spends his free time daydreaming about Manchester United and telling Americans how things work in Norway.
    Oleksii Melnychenko, Full Stack Software Engineer

    Oleksii Melnychenko

    Full Stack Software Engineer

    Oleksii is the Full Stack Software Engineer at Smartvid.io. He holds a master's degree in computer-aided design at National Aviation University. In his free time, Oleksii enjoys learning about modern technologies, programing algorithms, sport motor bikes. His dream is to create a software application which will make a significant contribution to the humanity and make the world more prosperous.
    Chuck Mock, Data Engineer

    Chuck Mock

    Data Engineer

    Chuck Mock is the resident Data Engineer at Smartvid.io, responsible for the care and feeding of image classification datasets. A native Bostonian, he earned a BA from Harvard Extension school while working both sides of R&D at Dragon Systems. His career includes full stack and data-intensive roles at Nokia, Inboxer, Nuance, and TripAdvisor. In his spare time, Chuck enjoys coding iOS, CNC, and microprocessor projects as well as metalwork, cooking and gaming.

    Yevgeniy Motov, Lead Mobile Developer at Smartvid.io

    Yevgeniy Motov

    Lead Mobile Developer

    Yevgeniy is a Lead Mobile Developer at Smartvid.io. Yevgeniy holds a Bachelor's of Computer Science from Northeastern University. Before joining Smartvid.io team he was an Android developer at Intuit and a lead iOS developer at multiple startups in the Boston area. He originally found his passion for mobile development after working at Blackberry on its internal platform for several years after school. Yevgeniy enjoys playing tennis, sailing and teaching chess to his two kids.
    Ergeta Muca, Product Manager

    Ergeta Muca

    Product Manager, AI

    Ergeta Muca is a Product Manager at Smartvid.io, with a focus on AI and computer vision product capabilities. Ergeta earned her Masters degree in Applied Analytics from Columbia University. She also holds a Business degree from Boston University. Ergeta's previous professional experience include consulting at PwC, data science/analytics at AT&T, as well as research at Columbia & BU. Outside of work, Ergeta has a passion for the fine arts & literature. She enjoys cooking, traveling, dancing and live jazz music.
    Laura Paciano, VP of Marketing

    Laura Paciano

    Vice President of Marketing

    Laura is VP of Marketing at Smartvid.io.  She has over 15 years of marketing experience building technology startups from early stage to maturity.  Most recently, she worked at Procore gaining construction industry experience and building their partner program.  You'll find Laura on the slopes during the winter and traveling the world anytime of the year.
    Keegan Ross, Customer Success Manager

    Keegan Ross

    Customer Success Manager

    Keegan part of the Customer Success team and is focused on providing customers with the best customer service possible whether it is via training, email, phone calls in in-person support. Keegan is a Georgia Tech alum with a degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked in the software space in a customer success role for over 5 years. He is passionate about technology, design and creative problem-solving. Keegan currently serves on the Board of Directors in his community and spends a lot of his free time traveling, trying to become fluent in Italian and weightlifting.
    Ryan Rubbico, Senior Software Engineer

    Ryan Rubbico

    Senior Software Engineer

    Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Skidmore College, where he found his interest in machine learning. He has worked as a software engineer at multiple startups in Boston and continues to appreciate the energy and camaraderie they foster. A Boston native, Ryan enjoys exploring the city, running, and meditating.

    Vitalii Seletskyi, Full Stack Software Engineer

    Vitalii Seletskyi

    Full Stack Software Engineer

    Vitalii is a Full Stack Software Engineer at Smartvid.io. Before joining the Smartvid.io team, he worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Luxoft. He has a master's degree in Computer Devices Design at the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI". Vitalii enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with his family.

    Sean True

    Director of Machine Learning

    Sean True is Director of Machine Learning at Smartvid.io. Prior to Smartvid.io, Sean worked at Semantic Machines, Ab Initio, and Interactions Corporation. He was co-founder of Inboxer and Audiotrieve, and was Director of Development/Multimedia Technology at Dragon Systems. He's excited about machine learning for text, images, and speech, and has worked on both biological and machine vision as a PhD candidate at MIT. His interests include fishing, welding, BBQ, and embedded systems, preferably in creative combinations.
    Lily Vovchak, Quality Assurance Engineer

    Lily Vovchak

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    Lily is Quality Assurance Engineer at Smartvid.io. Before joining Smartvid.io team she worked at Svitla Systems and Softserve, leaded several QA teams. She holds Master’s Degree in Automation and Computer Engineering. Besides quality assurance her professional interests cover product management and UX design. Lily is a true gymaholic, and enjoys traveling and snowboarding.

    Machine Learning Brain Trust

    Ekapol Chuangsuwanich 

    Ekapol Chuangsuwanich 

    Ph.D, BS and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Ekapol received his BS and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in July 2009 and his Ph.D. from MIT in 2016. He worked on Voice Activity Detection for spoken commands for an autonomous robotic forklift. His current research interest is in acoustic modeling for multi-lingual speech recognition.
    John Nguyen

    John Nguyen

    Founder of Vlingo

    John was the founder of Vlingo, a mobile speech company based in Cambridge, Mass. In 2006, Vlingo pioneered the concept of using voice to drive mobile phone commands. In essence, the company built one of the first “Siri”-type interfaces in its “Vlingo Virtual Assistant” and had over 13 million users. The company was soon acquired by speech recognition company Nuance Communications. John’s got a great eye (and ear) for building speech-based mobile interfaces.
    Carl Vondrick, Advisor to Smartvid.io

    Carl Vondrick

    Ph.D., Machine Vision

    Carl is a Ph.D. student at MIT in computer science. His research studies computer vision and machine learning. Previously, Carl was at UC Irvine and has spent some summers at Google and Google X.

    Board Members

    Tim Curran

    Tim Curran

    Board Member

    Tim Curran is the CEO of Building Engines, the leading cloud-based provider of property management software for commercial, retail, and industrial real estate properties. He is the former CEO of Sample6, a biotech company bringing ultra-rapid pathogenic bacteria detection products to the food safety and other markets. He also serves on the board of several companies in addition to Building Engines, including Repsly Inc., Powerhouse Dynamics, and arcbazar.com. Mr. Curran is also a partner at CommonAngels Ventures.

    [read more]

    Prior to Sample6, Mr. Curran served as CEO of Vela Systems, a field management software company in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry, which was acquired by Autodesk (ADSK) in June 2012. Prior to joining Vela, Tim served as CEO of Eleven Technology, the leader in next generation mobile field applications for the retail & consumer goods industry. Eleven was successfully acquired by Trimble Navigation (TRMB) in April 2006. Prior to Eleven, Mr. Curran spent five years as the number two executive of I-many, Inc., an enterprise contract management software company that grew from $6MM to $60MM in sales and went public during his tenure. Mr. Curran’s roles at I-many included EVP of Sales and Marketing and EVP of Corporate Development. Prior to I-many, Tim spent eight years with Accenture and a year with EMC Corporation.

    Mr. Curran holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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    Tom Lazay

    Tom Lazay

    Board Member

    Tom built and sold two startups, VoiceSignal (Sold to Nasdaq: NUAN) and Shaser Bioscience (Sold to NYSE: SBP) creating ~400M in shareholder value. Tom is also a Venture Partner at Converge Venture Partners and LP at Project 11 Ventures and serves as an Advisor & Board Member to Tech Startups. Tom holds a degree in Computer Science from Trinity College.
    Travis Connors

    Travis Connors

    Board Member

    As a Partner at Egan-Managed Capital, an early stage venture capital firm with $225 million AUM, Travis actively partnered with more than 15 founding teams across the software and internet landscape. His collaboration with Borealis began with co-leading the Series A round in Envista Software in 2006 (acquired by Accela) and continued through the co-creation of IrisMaps (acquired by OmniEarth).

    [read more]

    In addition to his work with Borealis, Travis led or sourced Egan-Managed Capital’s investments in Verivo (sold to Appery), Groove Mobile (sold to NMS), OwnerIQ, Applause, Currensee (sold to Oanda), and Acacia (NASDAQ:ACIA). During his tenure, Travis negotiated over 40 rounds of financing and several M&A transactions.

    In 2014, Travis joined OwnerIQ as Executive Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development to help the founding team accelerate the growth rate and expand from 150 employees to more than 220, while doubling the revenue to over $80 million in 2016.

    Prior to Egan-Managed Capital, Travis headed the Silicon Valley office of Spears, Benzak, Salomon, & Farrell, an investment management firm based in New York. At SBSF, Travis focused on the firm’s technology investment policy and was responsible for the analysis, recommendation and management of the firm’s portfolio of public technology companies. Travis is a New England native having attended Connecticut College and earned his M.B.A. from Columbia University.

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