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We’re always looking for ways we can build smarter through innovative technology—bringing better results to our customers through better tools in the hands of our team. The work we are doing with is part of our leadership in getting data from the field and using it to build faster, learn more and communicate better with all parties.
— Chris Mayer, Chief Innovation Officer
In the old days, we would hand over a bunch of CDs with training videos on them to the owner. With we provide links to the critical parts of the training videos so they only have to watch the parts that are relevant. And it’s searchable by topic!
— Janine Covitz, Project Manager
Not only does solve our content management problems, it elevates the power of the content with new video-based collaboration and automated tagging.
— Todd Wynne, Construction Technology Manager has helped us solve some of our image and video management challenges and the platform provides for significantly enhanced workflow and collaboration capabilities for our enterprise clients.
— Michael Singer, CEO, DroneView Technologies helps us share best practices in short video across the firm and also aggregate progress updates across all of our projects. It’s great!
— Charles Bovet, VP West Coast Operations